New Insights In Effortless Strategies For | Heaved into the sea by oxen, 118-year-old 'Blackjack' sets sail in Rockland

Heaved into the sea by oxen, 118-year-old 'Blackjack' sets sail in Rockland ROCKLAND (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- The Rockland waterfront went back in time Saturday - all the way to the year 1900. "The idea is that the oxen are going to pull it down to the boat ramp and beyond that, we haven’t actually figured out how they’re going to get into the water,” said Sherrie Blott, as she and her husband Al witnessed history in the making. Susan Thomas, a resident of nearby Owls Head, couldn't believe that this day had finally come. “It’s going to be very exciting because a lot of people working on this boat and it’s gonna be fun to see her slip out. They are rolling down this beautiful friendship sloop in an old-fashioned way with oxen and pipes, and it’s fabulous,” she said. Wilbur Morse originally built Blackjack, a 118-year-old Sloop, in the town of Friendship. Restoration to Blackjack began in December of 2014, where shipbuilder Jim Loney said he and his team were up to the challenge of restoring the old lobster fishing boat. A donation of white oak was delivered for the rebuild. A team of four oxen dragged the ship to the shore, along with 25 volunteers, who spontaneously agreed to help pull the ropes. “They pull it forward and they move the pipes forward and then they pull it forward again and move the pipes forward again," said Gillian Thompson, who brought her family out to the Sail, Power and Steam Museum to see the action.

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